1958- Preston By-Pass opens.M6 J29-32
 Britain's first motorway standard road
1959- First Gay Hostess 1251 (MCK 812)
 Delivered to Ribble
 First section of M1 opens J5-18
 Britain's first Motorway Service Area opens at
 Watford Gap on M1
 Delivery of Ribble 1252-1265 (NRN601-614)
1960- & Standerwick 16-25 (SFV 412-421)
 Lancaster By-Pass opens M6 J33-35
 Newport Pagnell Services opens on M1
1961- Delivery of Standerwick 26-37 (VFR368-379)
 Bringing the Gay Hostess fleet to the final total
 of 37 vehicles
1962- M6 J13-16 open from south of Stafford
 to north of Stoke on Trent
 M5 J4-8 Lydiate Ash to Strensham opens
1963- M6 J16-29 open from Preston to Stoke on Trent
 Knutsford, Charnock Richard and Keele Service Areas 
 open on M6
1964- Toddington Services open on M1
1965- M6 J32-33 Preston to Lancaster opens
 M1 J18-24 Crick to Kegworth opens
 M5 J3-4 Quinton to Lydiate Ash opens
 Forton Services on M6 opens
1966- M6 J10-13 Darlaston to Dunston opens
 M1 J4-5 Brockley-Berrygrove opens
1967- M1 J2-4 Page Street to Brockley opens
1968- M6 J9-10 Bescot-Darlaston & J40-41 Penrith By-pass
 First Gay Hostess 1251 (MCK 812) withdrawn from 
 service and sold

First replacement vehicle delivered Bristol VRL S50

(FCK 450G)

1969- M5 J15-18 Filton to Avonmouth opens
1970- M6 J35-40 Lancaster to Penrith & J43-44 Carlisle By-Pass
 & J7-9 Great Barr to Bescot open

Withdrawal of 'Gay Hostess's'  continues following

delivery of replacement Bristol VRLs

 M5 J8-9 Stensham-Tewkesbury
 M5 J19-20 Gordano Valley
 M5 J1-3 M6 to Quinton open
1971- M6 J0-5 Catthorpe Bromford
 M6 J41-42 Penrith to Carlisle
 M6 J5-6 Bromford to Gravelly Hill open

Withdrawal of 'Gay Hostess' from service almost


 M5 J9-15 Tewkesbury to Filton opens
1972 M6 J6-7 Great Barr to Gravelly Hill Opens